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    How to generate DDL for a Synonym against a table



      I want to create a public synonym against a table, say EMP.


      I define a synonym in the Entity properties of the table in the Logical Model (LM).

      When I get into the Physical Model I can only see a tab called Synonyms. There are no synonyms listed, not even the one I defined in the LM. There doesn't seem to be a synonym property against the physical table either.

      So, I right click the Synonym tab and select NEW.

      I then find that there is no pull down list of objects (tables in my case) that I want to generate a synonym for. Instead, I have to type EMP manually into the Object Name field. Ouch!


      I can generate the synonym this way but is there another way? I don't like having to type the table name in because there is a risk of error and I won't know if I have got the name wrong until I come to access it. I would much rather it be pre-configured somewhere or I select my table from a list of tables in my schema.


      Is this really the way to do this or is there a better way?