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    Which is the API for not override a data in cible destination (HFM)


      Dear all,


      My user load data from FDM to HFM in replace mode.


      After the load, the user add a value in HFM (via WDEF), but when he loads a second time a new file from FDM, the value added manually is replace by nodata.


      It s ok, because we use replace mode and we don't have any value for this crossing address ! (nothing in the file for this POV)


      But I need to keep this manual value added by my user. In other word, I don't want that FDM replace the manual entry.


      Somebody said me it is existing API to do that.


      By the way, If I use No Input rule in HFM with a flag account, Can I solve my issue ?


      Thanks for your help


      Jean Daniel