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    diff between 1Z0-054 and 1Z0-117




      What are the main differences between the Performance Tuning exam and SQL Tuning? Of course, I have read the exam topics of both exams, and the first is mostly for DBA-s, and the second only for tuning SQL statements. Does a simple application developer need the Performance Tuning exam, which as I can see is mostly about instance tuning.

      Thank you.

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          Matthew Morris

          An application developer with no DBA access would find little use for 1Z0-054.  Unless the privileges in the database were dangerously loose, application developers would not have the required rights to make use of most of the topics covered by the exam.


          That said, be aware that some of 1Z0-117 is also on topics that generally require DBA-level access.  I don't believe that developers on most systems would have the privs to create SQL Profiles or SQL Baselines, for example.  They might not even have the privileges required to run the SQL Tuning or SQL Access Advisors.  However, most of the exam is on information that SQL developers can make use of.

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