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      Somwhere I have read that we must install FDMEE, not FDM for v Is it correct?

      For implementing FDMEE with HFM and JD Edwards adapater what are the prerequisites, can anybody please guide.

      Also is it mandatory to setup Java Web App Server for FDMEE?

      Thanks for your help in advance

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          Francisco Amores



 is the last version where Classic FDM is released. Therefore your statement is not correct.

          From, all customers will have to replace FDM by FDMEE.

          However in Classic FDM and FDMEE can coexist in the same installation.


          FDMEE is deployed in Weblogic as Hyperion Planning, Foundation Services, etc.


          If you want to integrate JDE with HFM then you will have to use FDMEE and license "Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Adapter Suite"


          Hope that clarifies