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    11gR2 ( RDBMS and G.I - installation question


      Hi there


      I have to build two new servers with following configuration:


      Platform: RHEL 6.2 64bit

      Oracle RDBMS: 11gR2 (

      Grid Infra (ASM): 11gR2 (


      I have downloaded the files for RDBMS but I could only find Grid Infra download. I have found an MOS doc (ID 1362393.1) which says to download patchset which contains the “Oracle Grid Infrastructure (includes Oracle ASM, Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Restart)”.


      I have two questions:


      • If I am installing for RDBMS, do I have to install for Grid Infra as well OR can I also install What is better approach?
      • Is this patchset (for Grid Infra from the above mentioned MOS) a complete installation OR I have to install first and then patch it to


      Thank you so much!