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    Regarding FDMEE mapping to Accounts Reconciliation Manager

    Sumit Wadhwa

      Hello Experts,


      I need your help in explaining me the FDMEE mapping concepts to ARM (Accounts Reconciliation Manager) application. ARM is part of Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM).


      I am using Windows 2008 R2 as Operating System.


      I understand that the data flows from source to staging table in FDMEE and then from staging table to target ARM application.


      But I need to know how to perform the mappings for these 2 steps.


      First of all, my source is GL file containing following members in the below format:


      Company, Account, Amount, Currency Code


      Now how will I perform mapping for this under “Import Format” option and what will go under “Profile”? I attached the screen shot for the same.


      Going further, there are no separate Company and Account dimensions in ARM and the dimension exists with the name “Account ID” having company-account concatenated by ‘-‘ sign.


      Now to map this, I go under “Target Application” and see there that four mappings are pre-defined. Now how will I map the staging table to ARM? I attached the screen shot for the same.


      Going further, how do I load the data using “Data Load Workbench”?


      Need your help in performing these steps.


      I would really appreciate if I can get any document to perform the necessary steps.