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    64 bit Instant Client on 64-bit SQL Developer 4, not playing together...


      Hi All,


      I have installed the 64-bit version of SQL Developer 4 as well as the 64-bit version of 64-bit Instant Client v12 and I am still getting the error when I try & open a connection to a database: "C:\Program Files\Oracle\InstantClient\ocijdbc12.dll: 2Can't load AMD 64-bit .dll on a IA 32-bit platform". I have been on http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/ to no avail. I have also installed the 64-bit version of the full client with the same result. My path is set to where the client is installed. The first thing in the path  variable is the path to the client. Both versions are 64-bit.

      I am using 12c Database so I have the latest version of InstantClient / Client


      Any ideas anybody?