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    Script changes for Multi Load



      I have a few Import format scripts which work fine when doing a single period load but they dont work for Multi loads. Can I just copy and paste the Functions into the Multi Load sub routine or the script needs to be changed. I copy pasted the following script into MultiLoadAction Sub and it gives me an error. Any help will be highly appreciated.

      Function GetActivity(strField, strRecord)
      iTotalNumberOfColumns = 9  'Total number of columns in load file
      iColumnE =5  'column number for Column E
      iColumnF =6  'column number for Column E
      iColumnG =7  'column number for Column G
      strFileDelimiter = ","  'File Delimiter
      strColumnE = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, iTotalNumberOfColumns, iColumnE, strFileDelimiter )
      strColumnF = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, iTotalNumberOfColumns, iColumnF, strFileDelimiter )
      strColumnG = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, iTotalNumberOfColumns, iColumnG, strFileDelimiter )

      If strColumnE = "None" Then
      GetActivity = strColumnG & strColumnE
      Elseif strColumnF = "603" Then
      GetActivity = strColumnG & strColumnE
      Elseif Left(strColumnG,1) = "8" Then
           GetActivity = strColumnG & strColumnE
           GetActivity = strColumnE
      End If
      End Function

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          Francisco Amores



          which Multi-load template are you using? Excel or Text?


          Import format is not processed when you use Excel Template. You can use Excel functions to produce data in the format you expect.


          Besides, you cannot just copy and paste your function in Multiload action script.