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    Opening DML with SDDM 4.0 on windows 7 64bits edition


      Hi !


      Is there a known issue with SDDM 4.0 on Windows 7 64bits when loading existing model ?


      On my computer it stucks for dozen of minutes on "Open Relational Model" step ?

      I've tried with several version of jdk (updating the setjavahome command in product.conf file) but it did not seem to do the trick

      I get the same result whether i'm running the 64bits or 32bits binary

      I've doubled the memory options but to no avail


      Could it be related to the fact my model was built on a windows xp laptop, running SDDM 4.0 32 bits version ?


      My colleagues get the same results...


      Should i give a try to the SDDM version with embedded JRE ?