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    How to modify the manifest file for 7u51 java update to include the sandbox permissions


      I  am trying to sign the .jar file and add the sandbox permissions, but I am not able to modify the manifest file which is inside the .jar .


      My manifest file which I need to update looks like this :



      Codebase : Http://xyz.abd.com


      Application-Library-Allowable-Codebase : http://xyz.abd.com

      Application-Name: AAA


      I use the below commands to create a jar and get the manifest file updated with new attributes.


      jar cfm xyz.jar c:\users\\..\manifest.txt.


      The manifest file gets updated but a new META-INF folder is created inside the .jar.


      The META-INF folder of that .jar does not get updated.


      Can I know how can I update the manifest ?