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    How to run java applet on web Browser?



      I'm trying to run my applet about 5 days on web browser and i can't...


      I created Main class like: public class Main extends JApplet implements ActionListener,MouseListener{

      and after that class, is functions like public void init()

      [code=java]public void init(){




          try {

              javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {

                  public void run() {




          } catch (Exception e) {

              System.err.println("create GUI didn't successfully complete");



      cr is class...

      change_cursor is function in cr class....

      CreateGUI(); is function who running my code...


      I created about 5 class, and in class I'm doing like that: public class Sounds{....


      I grant all permisions to my applet

      grant {

        permission java.security.AllPermission;



      My html code:



      <div align = "center">

      <APPLET CODE = "Main.class" archive="SSSignedApplet.jar" WIDTH = "500" HEIGHT = "600">






      In cmd I do like:

      jar cvf SignedApplet.jar Main.class

      keytool -genkey -alias registr -keystore jetforewer -keypass k124565 -dname "cn=jonas" -storepass ab987c

      jarsigner -keystore jetforewer -storepass ab987c -keypass k124565 -signedjar SSignedApplet.jar SignedApplet.jar registr

      keytool -export -keystore jetforewer -storepass ab987c -alias registr -file Jet.cer

      keytool -import -alias jetf -file Jet.cer -keystore rayst -storepass abcdefgh


      P.S I don't know if I need use keys or not... I'm dont know what to make, to run my applet on web Browser..


      When i open my html file, I get message :


      and when I press Details:

      CacheEntry[file:/C:/Users/Jet/workspace/Zaidimas/bin/SSSignedApplet.jar]: updateAvailable=false,lastModified=Fri Jan 31 13:50:46 EET 2014,length=6367

      Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for: file:/C:/Users/Jet/workspace/Zaidimas/bin/SSSignedApplet.jar

      Missing Permissions manifest attribute in main jar: file:/C:/Users/Jet/workspace/Zaidimas/bin/SSSignedApplet.jar


      Maybe I need somehow run java.policy.applet in eclipse when applet started without any keys...?

      but when i use html code like:




      <div align = "center">


      <APPLET CODE = "Main"WIDTH = "500" HEIGHT = "600">








      and when I open website it shows me that cannot read pictures, but I grant all permisions...


      I read many informacion on websites....

      and problem is that i cann't open my applet in web... On Eclipse is running good...

      hot to run java applet on web browser? please explain me in detail if you can

      Sorry for my bad english language...

      I'm newbie in java programming language