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Which component to chose in my use case ( BPEL / OSB / Mediator)

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I have gone through various blogs and documentation explaining the reasons for choosing a specific component,But,It is always a close call when it comes to making a very important decision as

the real time uses case we generally deal with always fall in a border making it difficult to decide.

Use case:

A legacy system has to communicate with a third party system for sending some job details. For the same it uses an service intermediary.


This service intermediary has to


a) Receive the message from the legacy system. ( Preferably as EDN event as its easy for the legacy system to through an event)

b) Very light orchestration ( in the future)

c) Route it to the Mobile enablement application/ system.



d) Need to provide a fault management / handling.

e) Authentication / Authorization.


Having these requirements, I thought an OSB would be a right component to be used as we are focused on routing in a decoupled way with light orchestration and business agility. However can OSB support

a. subscribe to EDN events ? If yes how ? Can it have Oracle Apps adapter to get the events from R12 like BPEL?

b. Can it use the same fault management framework written for SOA suite ( policies and bindings) ?


On the other hand, I am having thoughts on why not use BPEL process itself. We can turn Auditing to off and will not have any dehydration points in the bpel process thus making it stateless ( just like OSB ?) if that is the major difference we are looking at ? Service virtualization ( dynamically changing the end point ) can also be acheived in bpel.


and why not Mediator ? I know everywhere people talk about using mediator for intra composite commmunication but at the same time they suggest using it while writing to file / adapter or call a external service exposed as SOAP WSDL too. Now for our use case, a mediator can listen to events from the legacy system and route it to the target mobile enablement service.

( Note : BPEL and mediator can use fault management , EDN's, Oracle apps adapter and also can be made stateless by turning the audit to off . So if you are still suggesting OSB please back it up with strong reason rather than just theoritcally saying that its a standard to use in case of routing and stateless etc..)


Kindly help !





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