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    How to use OraSession for a high-traffic IIS/ASP site


      I am running into scalability issues with our production web server. The ASP requests queued keeps growing to crash the IIS eventually atleast once a day. We don't have any custom COM components and we believe database is not the bottleneck.

      We are using one OraSession object in the Application scope as follows:

      <OBJECT RUNAT="Server" SCOPE="Application" ID="OraSession" PROGID="OracleInProcServer.XOraSession"></OBJECT>
      Sub Application_OnStart
      OraSession.CreateDatabasePool 1, 120, 600, "TEST", "scott/tiger", 0
      End Sub

      We are calling OraSession.GetDatabaseFromPool(9000) whenever we need a database connection. I believe this object since it runs on single thread is unable to handle too much load.

      What's the best way of using OraSession/OraServer/OraDatabase objects for a high-traffic web site? The documentation doesn't have enough information. One interesting statement was that "Calling openDatabase method and attaching multiple user sessions(OraDatabase) after an OraServer object is created is useful with IIS like n-tier distributed environments" What does this mean?

      I appreciate any help.