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    Oracle 10g Application server alongside Apache

      This may be a long question due to lack of knowledge. I just started working here where an Oracle application is about to go into production so I really have no back ground in Oracle.

      I am guessing Apache is needed for the Application server to run. The application the was created for Orcale listens to port 443 for https but with Apache listening on port 80 we can not have the application listen to the same port. That is, unless there is a way to pass through teh information from Apache to the Oracle App server without issues.

      The other item I am looking at is creating a web page the Apache would answer to that would redirect the users to https. I do not know if the business will go for this, so my first choice is some kind of add-in to Apache to allow this. I have worked with alot of Java servers on Windows that have similar items for IIS, so I am hoping there is something similar for Apache.

      Basic info
      OS - Windows 2003
      Oracle 10g

      Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Hopefully soon I'll be up to speed.

      Thanks much

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          I got far enough to kow that I can proxy through Apache to a different port. So, I am guessing I need to modify the httpd.conf file. I will look into the whole virtual host thing and see if I can work this one out.

          Any pointers from anyone would be much appreciated.
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            Hi David,

            I'm not sure whether this is the right forum for your questions seeing that we're dealing with the integration components of the Oracle Application Server here.

            I'd suggest you post your question in the Application Server - General forum. You might get much better response there.

            Also, here are also some helpful links to the documentation:

            Hope this is helpful.



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              10g includes apache - no need to front end it. You could always bind your webcache process to port80 and forward all connections to your SSL ports.

              If you want to redirect you could put a index.html in your docs folder with a meta redirect to your https url as well.