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    Newbie Question about InterConnect

      1. We need to exchange data via ftp and in CSV format. It seems that FTP Adapter only workds with XML. Any suggestion on CSV files over ftp?
      2. Where can I find document about iStudio SDK and Adapter SDK?

      I am quite new to InterConnect, I appriciate for your help.
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          There is everything to work with CSV file. Read the D3L chapter in the FTP adapter documentation.
          You have to define D3L file (kind of DTD for CSV , which are in XML format). That is the hardest thing to do but there are some examples in the documentation.
          The adapter.ini must also be modified so as to take the D3L file(s) in account.
          The FTP adapter can be XML or D3L but not both.

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            You should also review the configuration section of the FTP adapter installation guide. There is a section on the adapter.ini file which explains what changes you need to make in order to use the adapter in either file or ftp mode.

            In particular, there are 2 parameters called ota.recieve.endpoint and ota.send.endpoint which need to be configured to tell the adapter whether it is to function as a file or an ftp adapter. These settings are mutually exclusive; the adapter can only function in one mode or the other.