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    D3L adapter : problem with multiples imparray

      I built a D3L file so as to work with a flat data source file such as parents-details. I have the follwing file :
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="US-ASCII"?>
      <message name="orderentry" object="order" type="Orderlist">
      <imparray id="Linedef">
      <struct><field name="LineNumber"><termstring endchar=";"/> </field>
      <field name="Quantity"><termstring endchar=";"/> </field>
      <field name="Amount"><termstring endchar="\n"/> </field>
      <imparray id ="Orderlistdesc">
      <struct><field name="Order"><termstring endchar=";"/></field>
      <field name="Customer"><termstring endchar="\n"/></field>
      <field name="Line"><typeref type="Linedef" /></field>
      <struct id="Orderlist">
           <field name="OrderlistD"><typeref type="Orderlistdesc"/>     </field>

      I manage to build the correct application view with this D3L, the FTP/D3L adapter runs properly but when I copy the native message to the folder , the bridge gives me the following error :

      oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.D3LException: [Thread-12] multiple uses of `imparray' in the D3L 'orderentry' makes it unsuitable for parsing.

      It seems it is unable to parse when having multiples imparray .
      I managed to have a single order described by an array of line but not several orders (array of orders), each order described by several line (array of lines) .

      It there a way to do so ?
      Where can I find exemple for this kind of problems(not only the flat ones given in the docs).

      Thanks for help