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    oci link error with oracle9i/AIX 4.3

      I am getting a lot of unresolved symbol errors when linking an oci7 application with oracle9i on AIX 4.3.

      The makefile is using the following options when building the executable:

      -L/home/oracle/product/9.0.1/lib -lclntsh

      This was working in oracle 8, however on oracle 9i, there are many unresolved symbols:

      Are oci7 calls still supported under 9i? if so which libraries are they located In?

      any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi Hasam,
          please do the following in oracle home.

          cd $OH/rdbms/demo/
          make -nf demo_rdbms.mk build_static EXE=oci02 OBJS=oci02.o

          After doing this ...

          Please compare your compile/link lines with the above compile/link lines. Please make the changes accordingly.

          Also plesase check whether the headers are getting included are not.

          Hope this solves your problem.

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            Thanks for your reply.
            Prior to my original post here, we checked the demo directory for makefiles to find the required libraries, but didn't see anything in there!
            This site doesn't seem to have anything in their rdbms/demos directory. I don't understand how this happened, but according to the customer they installed oracle and they didn't have any problems with it.
            Doesn't oracle automatically install files into the rdbms/demo directory?
            Is there an option on the install they need to select?

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              Hi Hasam,
              You are right. The demo's part should get installed when you select server component it self. If it is not there, some body might have removed it or, oracle might have chosen a different component for installing these demo files. grep for demo in install.log log files. if there is some demo.tar/demo.zar in log files, then it indicates some one mistakingly removed demo directory. If it is not there
              its not installed. You can cross check this by un jaring the Disk1/*/stage/*/*/* jar files and find out whether oracle really shipped the demo files. If not shipped file p1 bug against oracle. They will take care.


              In order for oci to work properly you should have
              liboci9.a and liboci9.so. In case of AIX4.3 it uses liboci9.a . Please check whether you have correct/latest liboci* with you. You also have to see whether clientshare i.e libclntsh* is generated properly. All these librarries will be under $OH/lib.

              Check for problems with genclntsh in install.log/make.log

              Hope this helps.
              Please let me know if you still have problems in migrating


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                thanks Ravi,
                I will look in to it and let you know.
                For now the customer has decided to reinstall oracle8i and use that for a while longer.
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                  Ok, finally we installed oracle 9i and tried it. The problem was that we are linking a 32bit oci application but we were using the 64 bit libraries -L $ORACLE_HOME/lib. I changed the makefile to use $ORACLE_HOME/lib32 and was able to build successfuly.
                  thanks for your help
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                    Hi ravi

                    we are trying to install oracle9iAS on IBM AIX . but we are having a lot of problems while linking the deployoc4j.sh.

                    i need to install it ,actually there is oracle9i database on the same machine where iam trying to install oracle9ias.now we removed every thing.(i mean all oracle stuff) and we want to install oracle9iAS 90201.and i downloaded the following files

                    Oracle9iAS Enterprise Edition for AIX
                    aix64_ias_90201_Disk1.cpio.gz (597,703,948 Bytes)
                    aix64_ias_90201_Disk2.cpio.gz (525,568,846 Bytes)
                    aix64_ias_90201_Disk3.cpio.gz (455,265,668 Bytes)
                    aix64_ias_90201_Disk4.cpio.gz (393,922,847 Bytes)
                    aix64_ias_90201_Disk5.cpio.gz (416,936,913 Bytes)

                    Directions for file segments:
                    1. Uncompress the file using "gunzip". Eg.: "aix64_ias_90201_Disk1.cpio.gz"
                    2. Extract the file resulting from the step above using "cpio". Eg.: "cpio -idcmv < aix64_ias_90201_Disk1.cpio"

                    what iam going to do is i will extract all the files in a directory and i will start oracleInstaller .hope this is the way of doing it.if u have any rootpre.sh file pls send us

                    waiting for u r response,

                    raju kss