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    Configuring USER DEFINED METRIC in OEM


           I want to set up some USER DEFINED METRICS in 10g. The restriction with USER DEFINED METRICS, is the query (or function ) monitoring that metrics should return only 1 value.
           I want to find out all the segments, approaching their maximum limit. Is it possible to achieve this functionality, using USER DEFINED METRICS.
           One of the metric present in OEM is, Tablespace_PCT_FULL. It returns name of tablespace along with the percentage, if it is crossing warning or critical threshold. I was trying to configure new 'USER DEFINED METRICS', for monitoring 'segments, approaching their maximum limit'. As query(script) for USER DEFINED METRICS can return only value, I am not able to write query to implement my requirement. (i.e. name of the segment and percentage of extents reached)
           Does anybody know some way to do that?