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    How does oracle monitor 8,9i databases for alerts.

      I am trying to configure 10g OEM for monitoring databases and creating system generated alerts. I was able to set the rules for 10g.

      According to my understanding, 10g has a new process called MMON, which does the work of collcting metrics to be monitored and if some threshold is crossed, it enqueues an alert in the queue. If OEM is configured to monitor that database, OEM gets all those alerts. Is my understanding right?
      I also found the tables like on 10g database server-
      present on the database server.

      My question is, How does Oracle monitors 8i and 9i databases? As there is no MMON process for 8i and 9i, who collects the information about the metrics. Is it done by OEM, by continuously pinging those 8i databases? Or there is some other way OEM achieves that?