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    push metadata in non interractive mode


      My need is to push metadata after an OAIIMPORT as we prefer use this method for production environment rather than migrate which can be problematic sometimes.

      Did someone know how we can realize a NON-interractive push metadata (in a batch mode) ?

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          There is two ways to 'push' metadata:

          1. Use iStudio's Push Metadata functionality
          2. Use oaiimport and oaiexport

          Could you explain what you exactly mean by Non-Interactive push metadata in batch mode?

          -Anshu Sharma
          OracleAS Integration
          Oracle Corp
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            We manage our Interconnect environment in this way :

            DEV == (migrate) => TEST (functional validation)
            == (OAIEXPORT) ==> Integration (Technical validation on the final platform) === (OAIIMPORT) ==> Production

            Our production environment is operate by a subcontractor and we do not want that he handles the GUI IStudio to do pushmetadata.

            The best solution is perhaps to force metadata cleanup at restarting on each adapter with the parameters :

            Do you agree ?