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    export message in READY status before oaiimport

      Hi all,

      We do not use migrate for production environment but OAIIMPORT as :
      - oaiimport is more reliable
      - we don't want to let production people doing those manipulations with ISTUDIO

      But we have a problem as we begin to have a lot of flows on production (and around 10 running adapters ) :
      IF a message stay in the ready status in the OAI_HUB_QUEUE we do not want to loose this message (The oaiimport drop the whole queue)

      Question : is it possible to do a normal export of the oai_hub_queue before the oaiimport so as import this queue after the oaiimport ?

      Does someone as the same issue ?

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          No, you cannot do this. By updating metadata without getting rid of old messages may result in 'incorrect' state for messages.

          So, the best option is to shut off your publish app or adapter. Then let the messages be cleared out before applying the update.

          -Anshu Sharma
          OracleAS Integration
          Oracle Corp.

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            The problem was i think that we used these parameters (for DB adapters) :

            The effect of these parameters is to suppress file persistence which is "more secure" as database persistence is more reliable (cluster node)
            But the main drawback is that the oaiexport/oaiimport method for upgrading production repository is no more safely usable as explained in the first message.

            We will desactivate these parameters.
            Thank you,