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    OC4J  and HTTP adapter link lost

      To post message to HTTP adapter, we deploy the oai.ear application in OC4J
      The problem is that the link between oai servlet & HTTP adapter is done through rmi : oai servlet is a rmi client & HTTP adapter is a rmi server on default port 9901

      The drawback is : when we did a push metadata on the HTTP adapter or a stop/start of this adapter, the server RMI object changes and the HTTP post request to the oai servlet gives a HTTP-500

      The only solution is to restart the oai servlet in OC4J which is done by the command :
      java -jar $J2EE_HOME/admin.jar ormi://localhost:23791 admin admin -restart

      This command can be include into the start script of the HTTP adapter (we did this)
      But as regards PUSH METADATA, the start/stop does not use scripts so the rmi link is broken ...

      Any idea ?
      Can we consider this as a bug ?