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    Using Boolean in Istudio


      One of my integration requirement needs to call an oracle stored procedure, which returns a Boolean as status, using DB adapter on a request/response model. Could someone help me to model this in istudio. Istudio is not giving Boolean datatype. How can I achive this

      Thanks in anticipation
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          1. Create a Subscribe event (for the DB application, assuming you have already created the DB application)
          2. In the Wizard, import from Database, click on Procedures and import the appropriate procedure.

          If the boolean is an out variable and is not showing up in iStudio, send me the PL/SQL signature on this forum.

          Anshu Sharma
          OracleAS Integration
          Oracle Corp.
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            I have created an implemented procedure and imported the the stored procedure defenition to Istudio. Bollean is an OUT parameter. Istudio recognises this as a PL/SQL Type data type. But while saving the definition, it shows some error.