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    Integrating Legacy using DB adapter.

      We have a Leave application workflow modeled using Oracle Workflow. This workflow is initiated from 10g Portal form. After final approval, workflow has an integration with a legacy HR system running on Powerbuilder/Oracle(8i) technology.

      For this integration, we use Interconnect and modeled this using Istudio. The integration to legacy is modeled using a request/response model where Portal invokes the message to adapter, which then calls a legacy side stored procedure and updates the legacy tables. The status of this action is returned back to portal.

      I have the following doubts.

      1. Do we need to have separate instance of db adapter - one for Portal invoking and another for Legacy implementation.

      2. Do we have to model this as separate applications - one for invoking and other for implementing?

      3. The status returned by the legacy procedure is Boolean. How can I model this in Istudio?

      Please help me in achieving this integration.

      Thanks in advance.