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    many agents per node in 10g

    Laurent Schneider
      Hi there,
      Currently, I have two cluster nodes (not RAC).
                         Node1                  Node2
      LocalInterface     zsi-aix046-bak         zsi-aix047-bak
      ClusterInterface   zsi-aix046             zsi-aix047
      In switchover mode, I have then
                         Node1                  Node2
      LocalInterface     zsi-aix046-bak         zsi-aix047-bak
      ClusterInterfaces  zsi-aix046,zsi-aix047  -
      I made three oracle agent installation pro node, each with a different oracle home, and for each agent, in <AH>/sysman/config/emd.properties, I configured AgentListenOnAllNICs=FALSE and EMD_URL to the following values
              Node1                                     Node2
      agentA  http//zsi-aix046-bk.ex.zkb:1840/emd/main  http//zsi-aix047-bk.ex.zkb:1841/emd/main
      agentB  http//zsi-aix046.ex.zkb:1842/emd/main     http//zsi-aix046.ex.zkb:1842/emd/main
      agentC  http//zsi-aix047.ex.zkb:1843/emd/main     http//zsi-aix047.ex.zkb:1843/emd/main
      In normal mode, I have agentA running on both nodes, and agentB on node1 and agentC on node2. In failover, I start the agentC on node1 or agentB on node2.

      Ok, this seems to work fine, but I wonder if it would be possible to avoid having 6 oracle homes to maintain a single cluster ? I have 8 clusters to maintain, and applying a patch is going to be a nightmare...

      Do you know how to start multiple agent from a single oracle home? Has anyony expirement that in 10g?

      Laurent Schneider
      OCM DBA