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    Setting up AQ adapter


      I want to complete the user's guide example and I've set everything according to it. The user guide sais:

      "The legacy system’s database trigger enqueues the record onto its OUTBOUND_QUEUE.
      2. Oracle9iAS InterConnect received the message, performs transformations, converts data to a common view and routes the message to Oracle Workflow."

      It doesn't do anything for me. How can I see what is in the OUTBOUND_QUEUE? I just installed and started the AQAPP. I think I didn't do something about configuring the adapter. Can anyone help me, please?
      Thanks, Orsi
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          Hi Orsi,

          There are a few steps which have to be followed for this:
          1) You should have a schema named AQAPP in your database with a queue called "OUTBOUND_QUEUE". This you can create using "1_1_Training_Setup.sql" file in the training material.
          2) The steps described in section "A.5.1 Setting Queues" of the user guide creates the link between the adapter and the queues. These steps have to be completed to tell the adapter which queue to pick from.
          3) You can view the OUTBOUND_QUEUE contents using the Enterprise manager console for Oracle 9i DB. You can also get the number of messages enqueued in the OUTBOUND_QUEUE using sqlplus but you won't be able to see the contents because sqlplus can't display the BLOB datatypes.

          Please let me know if you still face the problem.

          OracleAS Interconnect
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            Hi Sandeep,

            Thank you for your help, I could do it finally and it works fine!!!