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    using partitions with published events

      I am testing the use of partitions for published events (from external application into InterConnect). To improve performance, I have modified the environment from using 1 FTP adapter to 2 FTP adapters that share the same settings (same application in iStudio, same ftp server settings in adapter.ini) except they are dedicated to a given event (partition in adapter.ini). The partitions have been created in iStudio and both adapters are visible in the "push metadata".

      The problem I encounter is that nothing prevents the FTP adapter from picking up the files from the remote ftp server. When the adapter picks up a file (D3L mode) that pertains to an event of the other partition (adapter), it fails with the RuntimeException "There is no OAI message for the Object that you are trying to send which satisfies all of the event map conditions." and the file is moved to the error directory and lost for the other right adapter.

      I can of course configure the 2 adapters to read files from dedicated directories on the ftp server but then what is the benefit compared to configuring 2 applications in iStudio. Did I miss something? Anyone using partitions?