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    Deployement to production -  What is the best choice ?

      Hi all,
      We have now many Interconnect flows on production
      We choose to use oaiimport to install application on integration & production
      The reason of these choices are motivated by :
      - reliability of migrate is not guaranteed
      - We don't want our subcontractor to do migrate manipulation with IStudio which could be risky.

      The problems with OAIIMPORT are :
      - it uses a drop user oaihub902 cascade; and thus need to stop every adapters even one on WAN location (it's not easy when many)
      - it deletes too (and this is the worst) the runtime data , that means that we loose the historical data (We activate retention on the queue) but also sometimes message in READY mode in the queue (we use queue retention for DB adapter)

      Does someone have any experience with these problematics ?
      I would like to know how you manage your installation on production


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          Hi, Hows it going?
          I've just started reading these threads, never used to have an Integration forum so didn't realised it was here.

          I was curious about your note, about retaining messages on the HUB queue. Is this for audit purposes? or are you planning or using it for resend capabilities etc....

          Hope the project is going well.

          Cheers Stuart.
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            Hi Olivier,

            I know the problem you mentioned from some of my own projects.

            The main attention of our customers is to preserve the runtime. So most time we decided to use the migrate function from iStudio. But we migrate the events always one by one not all by application (with that we had problems too). One project runs since may 2003 and we never had problems with our way of using migrate function until now.