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    Nextver field

      I would like to know please if the field nextver is a fixed-length field?. If it's the case, what will happen when this field exceeds the size which is allowed to it.
      Thank you in advance Cordially
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          Ben Speckhard-Oracle

          The nextver column is defined as a varchar2(500). If a row was split between workspaces enough times it would be possible to exceed this 500 character limit. However, this issue has not come up before. If the maximum size was exceeded, the dml or workspace operation(merge, refresh, etc) would fail with an error such as 'ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small'.

          Are you running into a situation where the length of the nextver value is exceeding the 500 character limit ?

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            Pedro Lourenço

            After 6 years... the problem is back. :)
            I'm having this problem right now... 500 characters are not enough to write the versions i need.
            Is there any way to change this value?

            Tried to use alterVersionedTable with DDL option to change the precision of NEXTVER from 500 to 4000.
            The operation ran ok, but i still got the error.
            Anything more that i can do?

            Thanks in advance.
            Best regards,

            Pedro Lourenço
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              Ben Speckhard-Oracle

              A couple of the metadata tables that are used by Workspace Manager also use the 500 character limit, so most likely the error is coming from those tables if you had modified the _LT table.  However, updating the length is not anything that we currently support.  File an SR if you need this looked at more closely.

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                It looks like the nextver field contains a comma separated list of 5 digit version numbers.
                This means that it's ok to split a row between 83 workspaces, but 84 will raise ORA-06502.
                Is this correct?

                Thanks, -Steve