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    Problem in Req/Reply in DBAdapter

      I need help in this problem urgently.
      I have developed a integration schema where there are involved 3 applications (using DB adapter). The first app is a Human Resource App, The second one is MailSender App, and the third one is a Client App (Email r stored).
      The integration schema developed is the following. When a person is retired from the company the event Pub/Sub is fired from the HR App sending this message to the MailSender App. This MailSender App ask to the Client App the email of the client whose Sales Man was retired. The integration method is made with a Synchronous Req/Reply DB - DB adapter.

      The problem is when the event is fired, the Sync Req/Reply blocks for the given x sec to wait, but this never returns the answer. But checking the log, this inform that the DB Agent put the answer back exactly x sec specified in the timeout. If the Req/Reply is set to wait for infinty this blocks forever having to call to the DBA to kill the blocking session.

      The Sync Req/Reply is ok when fired localy from the MailSender App, but when this is launched from the HR App is when this event blocks for the x timeout seconds. I think this is a lock issue with the interconnect integration scheme using DB adapter.

      Any suggestion, patch, workaround, tec. pls inform me
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          I too had this problem where my Sun Req/Resp integration model expected result from SAP system. The problem I traced to was that, The procedure call will wait for Xsecs as mentioned and exits. With in this Xsecs, SAP was not sending the dat. I increased the duration. Also another issue was that the return message was of Char type and this was appending a lot of blank space, due to which in Log file there was lot of balnk space. I did a transformation to trim the char and it worked.

          I don't know wheather this will be the sort of answer you expect.
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            The problem is not the duration due to the fact that the test done locally return the result in less than a second (Always, we have done stress test). The problem happen when the whole integration takes place, this is when the Req/Reply takes about x sec of the timeout.

            But thx for the advice. I will take it when i start to work with the sap adapter