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    D3L "produce" error: unable to find attribute object for top node


      I'm new to this forum, hope someone can help me with this because it's really been causing a headache for a few days now.

      I'm trying to deliver a flat file message with an interconnect standard ftp adapter. All the transformations go well but then i get this error message:

      oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.D3LException: [SmartQueueDispatcher] <struct id="GallupData" name="" comment="" ...>: unable to find attribute object for top node, got `[  stationId: 01
      startDate: 040801
      (messsage truncated)
      emission: 1
      ]' instead
           at oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.D3L.produce(D3L.java:391)
           at oracle.oai.agent.adapter.technology.TechBridge.messageReceived(TechBridge.java:876)
           at oracle.oai.agent.client.SmartQueueDispatcher.run(SmartQueueDispatcher.java:451)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

      The message is exactly 65570 bytes (in the format written to the log).

      Any help appreciated.

      Leon Simonsen