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    istudio publish event & xml ftp adapter

      I´m receiving the know message "no publish or invoke oai for this message"

      Already check dtd and xml files, the thing is I can´t see the publish message in the deploy tab?
      Publishing an event should appear at deploy tab?

      Suscribe message appears at deploy tab

      Any guest?
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          This are de xml files
          The event is called company
          Publishing with ftp adapter xml mode

          <!ELEMENT company ( legal_name,address )>
          <!ELEMENT legal_name ( #PCDATA )>
          <!ELEMENT address ( #PCDATA )>

          <?xml version="1.0"?>

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            What did you specify in the event map when you created the published event? The event map is used by InterConnect to map your incoming XML with the "business _event.event" pair. Just try to add one element in your dtd and decide on a fixed value in the event map for this element(iStudio). Then use this element and its value in the xml files (cf. iStudio documentation) .

            hope this helps,

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              Thanks Claude

              I've read already the full documentation.
              And it says that iStudio uses map event for distinguish different messages.

              Add this with same result, the published message should appear in the "Deploy" tab after creating it??

              <!ELEMENT company ( legal_name,address,action )>
              <!ELEMENT legal_name ( #PCDATA )>
              <!ELEMENT address ( #PCDATA )>
              <!ELEMENT action ( #PCDATA

              <?xml version="1.0"?>

              <address>Arguibel 2860</address>
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                I've got a message that goes from an XML FTP Adapter to an Oracle DB Adapter.

                In the Deploy tab, there is nothing in the Publishing MCM routing information. This is normal.

                However, there is routing information in my subscribing (DBA Adapter) MCM. Again, this is correct and normal.

                One potential cause of your 'actual' problem is that you have created your Common View as an "Import" of the XML DTD, but instead of also Importing your Publishing XML FTP Adapter Application View as the DTD, you based it on your existing Common View instead.

                Try ensuring that both your Common View and FTP Adapter Application View are based on the Imported DTD.

                HTH, Yan

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                  That was the last thing I've done.

                  Import common view from the dtd and import publishing event from the same dtd.

                  Same error from ftp adaptder receiver log.

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                    Where I should seen the message in the oiahub database after creating it?

                    Cause I´ve cheked every table with no sign of the xml message
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                      Hi again,

                      You are getting a "There is no OAI publish or invoke message associated with this XML message" error.

                      If your metadata was correctly configured, then first thing the XML FTP Adapter will do is to read the XML message payload. Once it has been read, it compares it to the DTD you've provided. If the DTD is wrong, then the error message you will get is "There was an error parsing the XML". You are even getting to that stage, so your error is elsewhere.

                      Your DTD and XML may be right, but the metadata is wrong!
                      This error message points to badly configured metadata by iStudio. Not directly your fault by the way. It is a "feature" of iStudio.

                      If you have access to Metalink, you may wish to read note Note:228368.1.

                      In short it says...

                      1. Delete the event
                      2. Create the event using the DTD
                      3. Pushed the metadata
                      4. Try the transaction again

                      When I had your problem, this fixed it. But, I had to delete any offending Application View, Application Data Types, Common View and Common Data Types and start the build of that Common View and Application View event all over again.

                      Also, quickly ensure that your adapter.ini is configured to erase metadata on startup. e.g. agent_delete_file_cache_at_startup=true)


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                        Many thanks for your help.
                        Tried again your indications (already read that metalink note)with no success.

                        DOcumentation has D3L example, but I need to work with the XML adapter. So I'll keep trying, don´t know what other alternative o option I´m missing.
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                          Finally I could publish , now I'm with dbase adapter for suscribing message.

                          Gonna read post and metalink for new erros ,
                          Many thanks Ian.