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    How to beat the 32KB limit in AQ messages?

      We are using AQ for publishing and subscribing XML messages through InterConnect and have developed a PL/SQL API for apps to use. We use the "normal" design of RAW payload, but the DBMS_AQ.ENQUEUE procedure has a max RAW payload size of 32KB.

      The problem

      We have a need to publish larger messages. Does anyone know of an alternative AQ queue payload that meets the following requirements?

      1. We can enqueue messages bigger than 32KB using PL/SQL.

      2. The queue payload type will be recognised by the AQ Adapter.

      Some attempts so far

      SYS.XMLType can be used in the queue, but is not recognised by the AQ Adapter (it throws an exception).

      I tried a user-defined object type with only a CLOB field called XML. The adapter reads the object OK but does not match the XML against the DTD given to it by iStudio. (I also tried enclosing the existing message in an element called XML and it didn't help.)

      Any suggestions are welcome.