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    Flat file Ftp Adapter

      How can a I produce a flat file with ftp adapter for a receiving application?
      Source XML > Destination Flat File
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          To a tab separate file.

          ie :
          KK 9034020 OPTION1 OPTION2 00043000L
          TT 5660003 OPTION1 OPTION2 00042000M
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            Done the trasnformation part.

            But now the sucriber part can deliver the received message

            [IPT_FileSendSendError] Error in sending FTP file oracle.oai.agent.adapter.transport.Endpoint@100bac2.
            at oracle.oai.agent.adapter.transport.basic.file.FileAgent.putFile(FileAgent.java:249)


            Bridge { agent=oracle.oai.agent.client.AgentImpl@195d4fe application=APP2 partition=null active=true #d3ls=0 } detected unsuccessful condition after sending message to external system
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              Done with that too.

              Now I can publish an XML and Suscribe and persist an xml with .txt extension.

              But can´t resolve creating an space delimited flat file.
              I´ve tried with DB adapter with a table with one field and making concat of xml fields over the the solo field at table.

              Done the same for XML and generic type message with no success.

              any ideas?
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                I do not think that you can use any of the standard adapters directly to produce af flat file.

                You might be able to use D3L, of which I do not know much. In any way I would prefer to arrange my data as XML if possible.

                To solve the flat file problem I would customize the standard ftp adapter by implementing the ReceiverCustomizer interface. How to do this you can see in the ftp adapters userguide on page 3-6. I hope you have the userguide yourself. I could not google it on the internet.

                By implementing this interface you are able to change the output of the ftp adapter before it is delivered.



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                  Thanks Peter

                  The way to do this is using D3L as you specified.
                  D3L support different ways to produce flat files.

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                    Hi Martin,
                    My flat file is positioned file. That means from 1 to 10 is first name, 11 to 20 is last name, etc. How to use D3L to support this file? Also what I should use iStudio for?
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                      For guidance on using D3L, I suggest you refer to Appendix B in Oracle® Application Server InterConnect User’s Guide, 10 g (9.0.4), Part No. B10404-01.

                      You can download the Guide from here.


                      This should help to answer your questions.

                      Cheers, Yan