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    invoke a procedure from a MQ adapter

      I plan to invoke a procedure (request/reply paradigm) from a MQ adapter. The MQ adapter configured in client mode will receive a message from a remote MQ Queue Manager. On reception of a message, it will invoke the procedure. A DB adapter will implement the procedure (stored procedure). The reply will be resent to MQ Series. In MQ Series (now called Websphere MQ) terminology the MQ Message Correlation ID of the reply message must contain the Message ID of the request (quite logic in all MOM implementations). So far I couldn't find in the Oracle documentation if this is handled by the MQ adapter automatically. I didn't find either a way to retrieve the Message ID from the MQ message nor how to force the Correlation ID.

      Did someone already looked at implementing a request/reply with a MQ adapter?

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          The support for invoke and implement messages, such as Procedure calls, is enabled by the native support for request and reply messages in MQ Series, including its message correlation capability. It is only available when the MQ Series adapter operates in D3L mode.

          In order to take advantage of this capability, a few extra steps need to be performed during configuration, including modifying the D3L files and defining correlation fields in iStudio.

          Pl check the following link for more details: http://iasdocs.us.oracle.com/iasdl/90402integration/integrate.904/b10411/runtime.htm#1009211

          Should you have further questions, pl update this forum thread with more info. Thanks.

          - Latha

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            I was able to implement the request/reply with the correct handling of the MQ correlation Id. It requires that the MQ Message Type (MQMD) is set to 1 (MQMT_REQUEST)· The MQ series header must contain a reply queue name even if this is not used by the OAI MQ adapter.