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    StartEdit() in more than one ODynaset?


      We're using OO4O

      Two ODynasets are connected to the same ODatabase. If both dynasets are issued a StartEdit() at some point, then performing an Update() in the second dynaset will release the lock in the first dynaset as well:

      ODynaset dyn1;
      ODynaset dyn2;

      ... connect, fetch records, etc.

      dyn2.Update(); // this release the lock in dyn1 as well

      Is there a global setting that can use to prevent this situation from happening? I know I can re-issue a StartEdit() on the first dynaset in a situation like the given example. But since the OO4O code is in a dll and this dll is accessed by multiple modeless windows, it is impossible to re-issue a StartEdit().

      Is it something that has been changed in later release of the OO4O library?


      Eric Lepage