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    Can I make an Oracle database look like an IMS/TM transaction service

      I am considering porting/moving my IMS database on the mainframe to Oracle on UNIX.

      But some of of the Mainframe programs that usually access the IMS database cannot be moved in the first phase, they will have to remain on the Mainframe for a while. But I still need them to continue to work when called from the mainframe.

      I would like to know if I can use Oracle Integration using the IMS/TM adapters and define a transaction so that the Oracle system can be called and looks like the IMS system I just move, to the mainframe applications that were left behind.

      In other words can I configure the Oracle Integration such that the mainfame program can initiate an IMS transaction to Oracle and have the data returned in the same way it use to get returned from IMS. That way the mainframe programs would not even know they are no longer talking to IMS.

      Julian Chambers