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    Iterconnect Date Format and OAI header

      1) I would like to include the OAIHeader in the file generated by the FTP adapter. But when I tried that I got the following error

      - oracle.oai.agent.common.AgentRuntimeException: There is no OAI publish or invoke message associated with this XML message: materials. Please check to make sure
      that youve imported the DTD for this XML in iStudio and that youve created a publish or invoke message for this XML. Also, make sure that this XML satisfies the
      conditions which you have specified in iStudio for associating this XML with the publish or invoke message.

      Is there any way by which the OAIHeader information may be added to the message.

      2) I tried changing the date format in the generated message, using the nls_date_format parameter in the adapter.ini file. But the date format in the generated message remained the same.

      I would like to know how this date format can be set.

      Thanks in advance