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    OO4O Install Issue.


      I have downloaded Oracle Objects for OLE version as listed below,

      OO4O for Oracle9i Release 2 Version for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003.

      The file name is OraWin9204.exe and the size on disk after download is the same as mentioned on the website.

      When i try to execute the file OraWin9204.exe from D:\ i get an error,

      'Program too big to fit in memory'

      changed all the setting to use XMS memory, etc. but of no use.

      The install of the earlier version OO4O92045.exe was successful. I de-installed that using the OUI and then started the install of the new (OraWin9204.exe) one that i downloaded today.

      Can someone please help?