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    Interconnect: ftp-adapters and simple filecopy.


      I have used ftp-adapters to build ASCII files. Next i need to copy pdf-files as-is from one environment to another. I thought that this was easy using the ftp-adapter but have run into problems. How can I accomplish this?

      Any help is appreciated.

      Dag Eggemoen
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          I'm not entirely sure that you can to this. The FTP Adapter only allows items to be transferred if the files (source or target files) are readable as text, like ASCII or XML.

          A *.pdf file is (a) not readable as a text file, and (b) you need to define a dtd (either xml or d3l) in order to help the adapter interpret and format the data within file.

          In short, I think that the out-of-the-box FTP Adapter cannot support as-is copying of *.pdf files.