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    OO4 character Display Problem

      Hi All,
      I am using Oracle OLE objects to connect to Oracle 9.2 DB
      The NLS Language for the Database is AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8ISO8859P6
      the client is using also the same NLS.
      When I retrive the information using OO4 some varchar2(Arabic Language) are return incorrectly from the DB, however when I use ADO on the same clinet it's correctly retrive all Data.

      I've only on home at my PC, and its NLS language is correct, even when I use SQL*Pluse the characters are displayed correctly.
      I also retrieved the NLS_LANG from the application using "SELECT USERENV ('LANGUAGE') FROM DUAL"
      and it was correct using ADO and OO4.
      Of course I've checked the registry value NLS_LANG and it's also AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8ISO8859P6
      Any Help????