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    Trouble distributed transaction and oracle

      Hi everybody,

      I’m writing a .net application that access an oracle database and uses a
      distributed transaction to manipulate the data. This application runs within
      a windows services, periodically the application checks the database and
      perform a series of operations within a distributed transaction.

      When I run ONLY ONE windows service instance, everything works perfectly,
      but if I start two or more instances of my windows service, the error 6106 is
      raised, the error occur in the exactly moment when I call the Open method of
      my OracleConnection object.

      The description of the error 6106 is “ORA-6106 NETTCP: socket creation

      Note: if I disable the distributed transaction and start two instances of
      windows service, the application works perfectly.

      Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this issue?

      Thanks in advance,