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    ERR-3331 This page was already submitted


      I find this random error and can not grasp the actual reason for it. After working a while with my application the following error appears:
      Error      ERR-3331 This page was already submitted and can not be re-submitted.
      I have some select lists with submit if this helps with anything, but I have also seen this when clicking on other pages (reports, editing forms, etc.)
      Where should I look for my error or is this a bug in HTML DB. I have seen this in v1.4 and now in 1.6.
      Please help!
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          Often, you want form pages to be submitted just once, i.e., the form is rendered and on-load processes are executed, then the user enters values and submits it. If the user uses the browser's back button and sees the form again just as it was before submission, and then clicks a button to submit it again, unexpected results might result. To control this, you can use the 'Allow duplicate page submissions' attribute of the page, setting it to 'Yes - Allow page to be re-posted' or 'No - Prevent page from being re-posted' LOV options. Selecting 'No...' doesn't prevent the user from using the back button, but it will cause an error to be raised if that cached page is POSTed again.

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            Hey, thanks a lot. I really did not know about this Yes/No (duplicate) option. I set it to yes and now everything works perfectly. Even before that, I never used the BACK button of my browser but I have two Select lists with submit which generated this error after clicking a while.
            Thanks again!
            Regards, Branimir!
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              I got this error during last step of import (apex 3.0) after I pressed button 'Replace existing application'. Then I reimport application without any errors.
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                Dimitri Gielis
                Very good tip Scott.