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    When to use Interconnect vs BPEL/SOA?

      Hi All,
      I was looking for the appropriate forum for this Q and this seems to be the closest. Is there a FAQ or the like on when to position BPEL SOA and the differences between that and when it's best to use Interconnect. I have to plead Interconnect ignorance so don't flame me too hard. We have a couple of accounts where Interconnect projects are ether under way or beginning. Do we continue to lead with the Interconnect drum or should it now be swing over to SOA/BPEL and say they can co-exist? I haven't seen any doc on OTN or the BPEL site to say when it's best to use one piece of the integration stack or the other. Thanks in advance for any feedback... Matt
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          I assume with BPEL you mean the Business Process Management-tool, that uses BPEL.

          The answer can only be given if you have a clear definition of you architecture principles.
          Roughly it can be said that interconnect is to be used for data-interchange and BPM for functional integration.
          BPM is used to create processes that call webservices of one or more applications.
          the 2 can also interact. What I've heard is that the 2 products will eventually merge into 1 integration product

          First thing is to define the architecture that you want to implement. That will be harder that to make a choice between the products.