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    DT require Oracle9i client and Oracle Services for MTS software

      "Distributed Transactions require Oracle9i client and Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server software."

      I get the error above when attempt to run a COM+ transaction accessing Oracle9i. I'd been checked the installation of Oracle9i and Oracle Services in the client computer and it is ok.

      I am using Windows Server 2003 and the database server is on another Windows Server 2003. The database is Oracle9i Enterprise Edition.

      At Stanford's web site (http://www.stanford.edu/dept/itss/docs/oracle/9i/win.920/a95496/ch1.htm#1079911) I found Oracle's documentation that explains this, but it didn't worked for me.

      Oracle Services is installed in both machines.
      The Oracle MTS Recovery Service is running.
      The COM+ component is registered.

      When I use the same component with SQL Server 2005 beta 2 it works fine. What else do I need to do?

      Thanks in advance.

      Caio Pereira