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    Resending of Messages to One Target Adapter / Application


      Have any of you ever attempted this?

      Given that you have successfully created, and published a message to your outbound adapter, and the Oracle Integration guarentees delivery of the message to the target system(s), I would like the ability to "Resend" (re-publish) the message to a specific target system in the event that that target system goes belly-up and we need to re-synch data.

      Because our original outbound messages are CBR'ed to more than one system, I need to have the ability (when I resend the message) to target that message to only one of these systems.

      My outbound adapter is the Oracle DB Adapter.

      Any suggestions on how I can do this?

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          Hi Ian,

          Resending was initially one of the prerequisites of the product. But the way we configured it in IC 9.0.2 didn't work as expected. We used a setup called messagewarehouse; copy all published messages to an Andvanced Queue.
          The problem is that republishing the message uses the original CBR-options. And most of the republish events are used for a specific subscriber.
          This method is now stopped

          A new option that we will test after our migration to 10g is to setup a retentention per queue. Every Queue should be able to hold messages for a given time. It probably will affect performance.
          We need to investigate this too. Hopefully others can give us comments about this option.

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            Hi Ian,

            Almost forgot to mention!
            In our current design of integrations we have a mechanism in the publish-application to be able to "synchronize", i.e. a function to send ALL (active) records.
            In some cases it is also necessary for the first use.
            Unfortunately not all integrations are fit for this option e.g. publishing transactions only and not end-states.