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    HTTP Adapter Send Issue

      We are using HTTP Adapter(InterConnect R 10.1.2) to send a XML message to a remote server, using Request/Reply mode.

      HTTP adapter log shows that the message has been sent successfully and a response comes back.
      (Transport logs:
      [IPT_HttpSendResponseStatusCode] HTTP Response status code: 200)

      On the Remote server side, request.getServerName(), request.getServerPort() get correct values. However, request.getQueryString() and request.getParameterNames() gets NULL value.

      I suspect that the HTTP adapter sets the data in a way I do not know or did not set the data at all.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      BTW: only warning message in the log is:

      Transport logs:
      Ignoring setting name OAI-PARTITION with null object in setTransportHeader() method.
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          On the remote server side, I am able to get the header information by using getHeaderNames(). However, not
          able to get the XML elements and values which I'm sending to. I tried using request.getParameterNames() which returns NULL.
          Is there any other methods which should be used instead of this one?
          Are there any sample code or documents on this.

          This is really urgent! I will really appreciate your response.

          Thanks - Saumitra
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            Hello Saumitra,

            I'm afraid I cannot help you, but I am curious to know if you got any further.
            I am also trying to do a sync request/reply with an HTTP-adapter, but I have a problem too in processing the received message. I am wondering if the synchronous request/reply mechanism is possible with an HTTP-adapter.

            Best regards,
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              Sorry I saw your reply quite late.

              We were able to solve this issue by using this method at the receiving application.

              Yes, synchronous request/reply mechanism is possible with an HTTP-adapter since 10gAS rel 2.

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                Hi ,
                I am Trying to a similar stuff http request and reply.

                How do I send the Oubdound xml from the /database ?

                How I would I check for testing purpose Receciving Application Receives the message ?

                Do you have any document that I can refer.

                thanks for your help
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                  You can use a DB adapter to publish a message and a HTTP adapter to subscribe the message and send it to the receiving URL. Change the ota.send.endpoint parameter in adapter.ini to point to the receiving application URL.

                  You can find more info in the HTTP user's guide.


                  To test whether receiving application is getting the message correctly or not, if it's Java based application, you can use the method ServletRequest.getInputStream() to get the message.

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                    Thanks for quick Response ,I have used http to DB I am touble understanding the Request and Reply Invoke and implement Procedure(10.1.2).

                    Here is my Secenario

                    I have a External client ( webservice ) that would post a message in XML using http post method (Request) ,I need to query my tables and return the output from the data base as a Response in a sync Process.
                    I am planning on using Invoke and implement procedure ,I am Stuck with the "out parameter "? how do I send these data elements back to the common view ? and then to the http implement procedure ?

                    What would be the best approach?

                    Thanks for your help!!!!!