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    11i Intergation with Sensor edge server

      Hello, I am working on developing a proof of concept to integrate RFID to 11i.(PO/Shipping/WIP/Receiving/Inv)
      Can you please answer
      1. Are there any out of the box business events to talk to Edge server to capture/read RFID devices.
      2. What is/are the dispatchers that integrates with 11i from the out of the box.
      3. Are whitepapers or documentation that can help to understand more about business integration with edge server.
      Thanks much in advance.
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          Hello Prasad,

          There are indeed standard business events that are "RFID enabled" with the Edge Server as of the 11i10 release of E-Business Suite. Specifically, you can perform RFID shipments and receipts on both internal (i.e.: internal requisition / sales order) and external (i.e.: ASN & customer sales order) documents. The functionality also leverages the Edge Server to provide a physical response, such as flashing a red or green light, back to the user to indicate success or failure of the transaction. The functionality & the setup are documented in chapter 22 of the 11i10 WMS Implementation Guide (dated Nov 2004), available on metalink.

          The Sensor Edge Server can be leveraged to RFID-enable other business flows as well. Basically, the steps involve linking filtered data from SES to the public APIs already available & documented in the E-Business Suite.

          This linkage can be done directly, as in the way the SES calls a generic WMS PL/SQL API to process the RFID data. In this case, you'd probably need to build a wrapper API around the EBS API as the EBS APIs typically require many more parameters to be passed than would be available in an RFID input. For instance, a manufacturing completion requires the job / schedule, quantity, and destination location, among other parameters. The destination location may be inferred from the specific reader that collects the data, and perhaps the RFID tag itself is an EPC which could potentially be tied to an individual serial number and thus potentially to a specific job (depending on when serials are generated). But the quantity parameter in the API would still need to be populated with a value of "1".

          Alternatively, the linkage can be more indirect, perhaps leveraging Oracle BPEL. This would be advantageous when you need to define more complex logic to trigger one of potentially several different business flows based on some user-configurable rules.

          Best regards,
          David Wertheimer
          Product Manager, Oracle Inventory, WMS, & MSCA
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            Hello David,

            Is there any API support for the data integration to Oracle WMS?

            Our input is an xml file, from this, i want to send the data to the WMS and after that, we want to take the data from WMS to Oracle E-Business Suite..

            We want to generate interfaces.

            1. XML to WMS.
            2. WMS to E-Business Suite.

            Please send the link from where we can find the API and sample examples..

            Any help would be highly appreciated