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    Hipaa transactions

      Our technology stack in 10g/10gAS - and we're looking at options for write out/read in EDI transactions in either X12 or xml protocol.

      we need to do HIPAA 270/271 837/835? Has anyone done it?

      Interconnect look like something we could use, but I cannot get a full picture.

      Maybe someone could point me to a high level overview of how the Oracle products can be used as building blocks to implement B2B using EDI?

      Any ideas much appreciated


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          I did try 835/837 and worked fine. Took sometime to figure out how everything works. Install B2B product and go thru the documentation it's pretty straight forward. If get stuck can email me I'll help you.

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            How does one get ahold of you?
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              I am from B2B dev team. We have complete support for EDI X12 & HIPAA documents in Oracle AS Integration B2B. We have couple of datasheets and and a technical presentation around this accessible from OTN/AppServer/Integration/B2B site.

              You can also download and install the product from OTN and use the EDI X12 tutorial from the Uesr Guide.

              If you need any other info regarding this, please send me a e-mail at sundararaman.shenbagam@oracle.com.