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    Automatic E-mail Notification

      Dear All friends

      im new on collaboration sutie.

      is there any way to make oracle suite send reports automatically to sepcific email address, E-mail contains repoert for example in PDF format, for example at 12 PM every day.

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          Dear, have u find the way to forward the reports on email. plz let me to know if u have applied the procedure of reports to be sent through email automatically.

          Best Regards,
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            Hi folks!
            The OCS comes with an API for the Email Server. Using the API you can create an email and send it to the recipients.

            You can also try to send the email from the OS (eg. Unix) by using a normal commandline mail client (sendmail) with the report. You can schedule this from cron.

            Hope this helps.

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              I am trying to find information on sending report output attached to an e-mail. I found an old posting about 9iAS being available with an e-mail server. The posting said, "You can find the email server from 9iAS supplemental CD Disk2, available to download from technet.oracle.com, the same page where you download 9iAS" We are currently running 10gASr2. I have the report server installed correctly, but I want to add the functionality of attaching a report to to an e-mail (destype=MAIL)

              I am trying the following:


              But I get "Error : REP-50159." All Oracle will tell me via Metalink is that I need to have an SMPT mail server that doesn't do any authentication. They will tell me nothing more, and believe me, I have been trying to get an answer out of them.

              Our current e-mail server uses IMAP authentication, so it won't work.

              Thanks for your help,
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                FYI, I found the answer. Just set the mailServer, in <ORACLE_HOME>/reports/conf/ my_report_server.conf file, to the local loopback controller and the report server will take it from there. (I.E. <pluginParam name="mailServer"></pluginParam> )

                To test it, try


                Make sure you are using valid e-mail addresses.

                Hope this helps.

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                  Hi, My client is using oracle 11i and looking to send Order acknowledgement Reports automatically through e-mail to the customer. Any advice?